RNEG Becker / Wip Nav / MyWay Europe 2018-2

RNEG Becker / Wip Nav / MyWay Europe 2018-2

Good news for owners of Peugeot & Citroёn cars equipped with RNEG Becker (WipNav / RNEG) navigation system.

Now you don't need to wait for the SD card to arrive. You can get your maps and speedcam warnings instantly: download the maps, place them on usual SD, and your navigation is ready.

Peugeot Wip Nav / Citroёn MyWay map 2018 download

Special price is valid till this summer.

Citroen MyWay / Peugeot Wip Nav RNEG Becker 2018 maps download

Get the maps

Have nice journeys!

Posted on 03/23/2019 by 17572

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