GPS date error, 'year 2099'

GPS date error, 'year 2099'

April 5, 2019 brought an unpleasant surprise to many car owners with navigation system. The system date was set to August 2099, and the altitude was set incorrectly.

The reason of the error is so called 'GPS rollover'. In short, GPS time epoch was ended and another one began.

Legacy system that relies on GPS for date/time and altitude will show incorrect values.

If you do not synchronize your date/time with GPS, everything is almost OK, except the altitude:

GPS date error: year 2099. No synchronisation

As soon as you check 'Synchronise with GPS' checkbox, the date is set to year 2099:

GPS date error: year 2099. Synchronisation

All we know at the moment is that PSA RNEG systems with R20.XX, R30.XX and R40.XX firmware are subject to this behavior.

Please comment which firmware version do you have at the moment and does your system shows incorrect values.

Have nice journeys!

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